About Us

Are you short on space? Building a new home? Renovating your current one? We can help you find the best storage solutions for your budget, and provide the highest quality materials at the same time. We specialize in custom closet organizers, as well as spec home kitchens. We have been organizing closets, and many other spaces, for over 25 years with great success. So much so that it has taken us a little while longer than most to get a website!

One of our youngest installers!

One of our youngest installers!

Many of our customers have used us throughout that time as they and their families have grown to organize their second, third, and even fourth homes. We’ve also help them with garages, offices, and any other space where they needed some cost effective shelving systems to keep it all together. We have been so grateful that so many have passed on referrals and word of mouth to help keep our family business growing and serving you better with the best quality service and product. All this has helped us stay in the Okanagan, and we have been expanding even further with new technologies and some great additions to our business.

Our focus here is to give you an idea of what we can do in your home. The pictures featured here are all our design, from manufacturing to the install, everything has been done by us. We admit that these are not quality studio photos, but they are real designs that we are proud of, and we know they work. We believe in giving the best possible value to our customers that will have them call us back every time they move and grow throughout their lives, and to do so we try and be as cost effective as we can, so the high costs of franchises and long distance manufacturing don’t get passed on to the customer.

We hope you enjoy some samples of our work, we are proud of it, and you will be too! Please enjoy and contact us to get your dream closet!